H Company 16th Infantry Big Red One

In Memory of Captain Anthony J Prahl and all the men who served with 
              H Company 16th Infantry, First Infantry Divison In WWII 

                                                                        Camp  Maxey Texas 1942. Enlistad man  Pvt. Prahl,  Anothy J. 32394880
Bronze Star Citation for 7th June 1944
Citation for OLC to Bronze Star Medal

Citation for Silver Star Medal

My grandfather called artillery on himself several times in Aachen. The worst was during the counter attack between the 17th and 18th of October 1944. Make note, he and nine men from the H company "on order form the General of the Division" filled out a 3rd platoon of 4.2 inch Chemical Mortars B Co. 87th of which he was the FO. He and a group of men were also attached to I Company to "Fill the gap" between 2nd and 3rd Battalions. Some of this can be read in the 16th regimental history. I found proof of this not only in his notes in the regimental history, and in the Regimental S-3, but also in the book The Mortar Men by Michael Connelly

This information also appears in the history reports for the 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion website. He and the men are not named, but I hope to discover their names when I eventually get my hands on the Morning Reports for H Company.

Certificates of Commendation

Bronze Star Medal(s)





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