H Company 16th Infantry Big Red One

In Memory of Captain Anthony J Prahl and all the men who served with 
              H Company 16th Infantry, First Infantry Divison In WWII 

Here is an Incomplete Roster for the Enlisted men of H Company in WW II

H Company Roster WW II

This list is rewritten just as it appears in the roster from WW II it has misspellings, some names were illegible due to a bad photocopy, and not in alphabetical order. I have also discovered some errors in the roster, spelling mistakes, double entries, and so on.
This is an ongoing project and will be constantly updated with new information. I have, however, left out the addresses that are on the roster out for respect for privacy.

   If you are the relative of one of the men or one of the veterans of the company please feel free to contact me via this site.

H Company's  S-3 Statistics were NEVER COMPLETED they read INCONCLUSIVE in the S-3 Report in the National archives in D.C. I have been attempting to rebuild their record. This project has so far taken me 5 years of research and is a daunting task. ANYONE wanting to volunteer to help is MUCH APPRECIATED!


I am still trying to get an officers roster for this unit. Soon I will be listing the last names of the officers I have photos of, as my grandfather was smart enough to write what he remembered in his photo album before he passed away in 1984.


Information after name: serial number, state, county, place of enlistment, date of enlistment Birth year, and State of residence.


Cofone, Michael A. 31449575 RI WASHINGTON PROVIDENCE 10/04/44 26 RI

Ardito, Ray M. 35238386 OHIO JEFFERSON FT HAYES COLUMBUS  7/26/44 25 OHIO

Ashton, Charles F. 35918349 OHIO CLEVELAND 9/10/43 8 PENNSYLVANIA Married

Adam, Ward  34935635 NC MADISON CP CROFT SC 7/20/44 25 N C             

Ashcroft, Ralph  E. 33762646 PA CAMBRIA ALTOONA PA 7/7/43 17 PA Married

Apple, Leroy   35896813 IN HENRY INDIANAPOLIS IN 10/15/43 12 IN Married

Aydolott, Fredrick M. Jr. 35618867 OH MONTGOMERY COLUMBUS OH 12/16/42 22 OH           

Anderson, Robert L. 33906261 MD BALTIMORE BALTIMORE MD 7/18/44 19 ILLINOIS

Adams, John W. 2 Hits nara Iconclusive                    

Aiken, Joseph D. 36279712 WI RACINE MILWAUKEE WI 10/31/42 22 MICHIGAN

Austin, Luther T. Jr. 34584164 AL HOUSTON FT MCCLELLAN  12/06/42 15 ALABAMA Widower  

Amaral, Julio 31273786 CONN FAIRFIELD HARTFORD  12/11/42 22 CONN             

Andreen, Carl E.  37575798 MN RAMSEY FT SNELLING 08/24/43 13 MINNESOTA Married            

Andrews, Albert J. 33801726 PHILADELPHIA PENN 10/11/43 22              

Andrews, Ernest A. Alive, in Contact 34737645 TENN HAMILTON FT OGLETHORPE GA 06/23/43 23

Auvenshine, William T. 38731281 ARK CONWAY LITTLE ROCK ARK 08/7/44 25 ARKANSAS             

Beaty, Jack H. 44016662 NC GASTON CP CROFT SC 09/12/44 26 NC             

Buirley, Richard E. 35905498 INDIANA ALLEN INDIANAPOLIS 07/28/44 21 INDIANA

Blankenship, Kermit B. 13015714 VIRGINIA TAZEWELL ROANOKE 01/04/41 20 VIRGINIA             

Blackburn, Donald O. Found a Raliegh O                    

Bower, Henry M. 12022922 NEW YORK NIAGARA BUFFALO 01/13/41 19 NEW YORK

Black, Lloyd W.                     

Birdwell, Clovis 34729628 TENN CLAY FT OGLETHORPE 04/09/43 23 TENNESSEE

Biletnikoff, Gilbert O6890394 PENN ERIE 12/12/39 ????40??? PENNSYLVANIA

Beavers, James R. 34326727 TENN POLK CP FORREST 09/23/42 17 TENNESSEE

Becker, John H. 35761834 W.VA OHIO CLARKSBURG 10/2/43 12 W.VA             

Beaver, Jess J. Jr. 36696942 ILL  7/3/11 Married KIA           

Baskin, Thomas H. 34365597 TENN RUTHERFORD FT OGLETHORPE 08/20/42 21 TENNESSEE             

Bastian, Robert L. 30089639 OHIO HAMILTON FT THOMAS 06/12/44 19 OHIO Married           

Bartyzel, John T. 20223108 NJ BERGEN PASSAIC 09/16/40 18 NJ             

Barr, William E. 20241719 NEW YORK WESTCHESTER NEW YORK CITY  01/27/41 15 NEW YORK

Barger, Emory  T. 20364210 VIRGINIA ROANOKE ROANOKE 02/03/41 20 VIRGINIA  

Babineau, Alfred G 31230755 MA BARNSTABLE BOSTON MA 11/07/42 20 MASS KIA 1944-12-20

Bevers, Curtis Berle 38570920 TEXAS HALL DALLAS 08/03/44 23 TEXAS Married

Buck, Kenneth E. 32028678 NEW YORK ONONDAGA BUFFALO 08/19/41 15 NEW YORK              

Baker, Frank 34248688 FLORIDA ESCAMBIA CP BLANDING FL 08/22/42 11 FLORIDA Div w/dep     

Balavac, John 6578144 CA KIA 1943-03-31 CPL         

Banks, Clayton J. 34584836 ALABAMA WALKER CP RUCKER 11/10/45? 23 ALABAMA married            

Balint, Samuel Jr. 35046777 OHIO CUYAHOGA CLEVELAND 11/17/41 17 OHIO

Baker, Herbert 13012639 PENN ALLEGHENY PITTSBURGH 01/07/41 19 PA            

Barnes, Alvin C. Multiple hits on NARA Database                    

Basile, Daniel F. Multiple hits on NARA Database                   

Bean, Harry J. 33941953 WILKES BARRE 09/06/44 21 PA married            

Baudo, Nicholas J. 31187995 MASS ESSEX FT DEVENS 11/07/42 22 MASS             

Beheler, Bennie   L.                     

Bell, Norman T. 34278601 MISS ATTALA CP SHELBY 06/04/42 8 MISS Div w/dep

Blackman, Theodore C. 35305727 OH LAKE CLEVELAND 05/13/42 7 OH Div w/dep

Blair, Bennie F. 13015715 KY ROCKCASTLE 04/09/46 19 KY Married SSGT         

Bonds, Rayford J. 34570322 GEORGIA DE KALB FT MCPHERSON 11/02/42 21 GA

Boker, John 6853529 PENN LUZERNE WILKES BARRE 01/03/41 17 PA             

Bova, Joseph A. 33561945 MD BALTIMORE 03/05/43 25 MD             

Bunch, Arvill D. 39458871 WA SPOKANE SPOKANE 11/12/42 22 WA Div w/dep 

Bonisteel, John O. 32944579 NEW YORK DUTCHESS ALBANY 09/13/43 24 NY   

???? Ernest A.                    

???? Wesley H.                    

Budnski, Leo L. 12022756 PENN  BUFFALO NY 09/28/45 Corporal        

Bos?ki John ?.                    

Bosworth, Lewis K. Multiple hits on NARA Database                 

Bryner,  James R. 33146552 PENN FAYETTE NEW CUMBERLAND 01/29/42 16 PA Single/Dep           

Bruno, Peter J.  Multiple hits on NARA Database                  

Bryant, Bledsoe H. 13023018 VIRGINIA NELSON WASHINGTON DC 01/22/41 18 VA

Brocak, Joseph 32268366 NEW JERSEY MERCER FT DIX 05/25/42 14 NJ Married

Briggs, Floyd  A. 2 Hits NARA                    

Bridges, James  D. 34333597 ALABAMA HOUSTON FT MCCLELLAN 07/07/42 10

Braunstein, Alvin  G.                    

Briscoe, Dee  R. 38274110 OKLAHOMA JOHNSTON OKLAHOMA CITY 11/03/42 11

Boyer, Leo W. 13021988 HARRISBURG PENN 01/14/41 18 PA             

Bowling, Luther  M.                    

Buillowy, Norris A.                    

Chahsanah, Forest                    

Carico, Edgar  A. 13015705 VIRGINIA WISE ROANOKE VIRGINIA 01/04/41 18 VA

Campion, John T.                    

Campbell, Charles  L.                    

Cupples, Glenford  H.                    

Crum, James W.                    

Crose, Jay D.                    

Christensen, Darwin M.                    

Chouinard, Leo A.                    

Cline, Everett D.                    

Clark, Delvis R.                    

Collum, Tommie D.                    

Cootway, William J.                    

Corgel, Joseph F.                    

Cox, William C.                    

Crabtree, Raymond                    

Cooke, Rex C.                    

Copeland, Paul S.                    

Corbett, Frank E.                    

Conley, Harry  R.                    

Cook, Midford  W. Jr. No Info on NARA but I have spoken to him                    

Coleman, Lorrelle                    

Coldiron, Lenville B                    

Culp, Woodrow W.                    

Campanella, Jasper W.                    

Cardenas, Simson                    

Carmichael, Ralph C.                    

Carter, Walter A.                    

Cavaliere, Peter                    

Coombs, George                    

Debrava, Frank J.                    

Dempsey, John M.                    

Dewald, John J.                    

Dibello, Joseph                    

Delton, Charles T.                    

DiCarlo, Michael C.                    

Drdyk, Anthony                    

Dinglaer, Jossie, J.                    

Dvorschack, Paul H.                    

Dorer, Lewis H.                    

Durkee, George E.                    

Dittman, Kenny E.                    

Donovan, Jerome J.                    

Duncan, Forrest A.                    

Doulass, Eldon W.                    

Daioczok, John H         Andys Platoon Ssgt.                    

Drake, Robert F.                    

Drobniewski, Chester G.                    

Ditondo, Charles                    

Deskins, Carl                    

DeNocenzio, Nicholas J.                    

DeMoss, Walton C.                    

Demohock, Theodore T.                    

DeLuca, Emill                 Sgt. KIA  as listed on 1946 Honor Roll                  

Delisi, Angelo  K.                    

DeLaura, Michael  A.                    

Deacon, Walter F. Jr.                    

D'Anna, Deomenico                    

Davis, Cecil P.                    

Emmel, Lloyd  A.                    

Emerson, Donald  C.                    

Ellish, Lewis                    

Ekis, Russel  E.                    

Edding, James  I.                    

Forrester, Clyde  E.                    

Fonder, Edward F. Jr.                    

Flannery, James L.                    

Melvin, Flager  V              PVT. KIA 6th June 44                    

Finn, Emmet J.                    

Fennel, Ray                    

Eastham, Richard H.                  

Eckert, David                    

Edwards, Harold  S.                    

Ellathorp, Neil H.                    

Fagan, Laurence J.                    

Fender, Walter R.                    

Fleming, Ernest A.                    

Fodor, John F.                    

Felix, Leonard G.                    

Feczko, John J. Jr.                    

Farr, Richard L.                    

Fruscha, Leonard P. (Died -92)                    

Fulgoni, Arthur J.                    

Farmer, Robert D.                    

Fick, William A.                    

Forster, Don E. Jr                    

Guist, Merle F.                    

Gurney, Joseph D.                    

Gavin, John D.                    

Galeone, Michael                    

Gilbert, Harlow                    

Godreau, Rudy A.              Pvt KIA      6 June 1944                    

Gladhill, Habard T.            Ssgt MIA     31 Jan 1943   

G??ris, Mitchell W.

G??ina, Michael J.                     

G???alex, Hector C.                     

?????, Robert L.

?????n, Frederick W.                    

??????, Douglas L.                    

Gr????, Willard A.                    

Grec????, William P.                    

Hill, David B.Jr.                    

Haefelin, Joseph A.                    

Haines, Harry R.                    

Hain, Irvin J.                    

Hanzes, Frank B.                    

Harris, Norman W.                    

Henn, Albert C.                    

Howe, Charles                    

Huber, William H. Jr.                    

Hromiko, Edward J.                    

Huston, Wallace J.                    

Howard, Phillip T.                    

Hopes, Robert D.              Ssgt KIA I have 2 different dates of death                   

Honnet, Leroy J.                    

Holdman, Orville E.                  

Holcomb, Samuel R.                    

Harring, Arthur B. Jr.                    

Henderson, Robert T.                    

Heinrich, Herbert H.                    

Heaton, Everett H.                    

Hays, Edgar N.                    

Harvey, DAniel J.                    

Harrell, R.V.                    

Hardin, James T.                    

Handforth, Fredrick H.                    

Iacchai, George H.                    

Johnston, Manley S.                    

Jaconski, Stanley J.                    

Jensen, Harold J.                    

Jesowski, Stanley J.                    

Johnson, James E.                    

Johnston, Preston R.                    

Jones, William T.                    

Johnson, Clarence L.                    

Jandrick, Chester                    

Jasoursk, John J.                    

Jovanovich, George N.                    

Kaelber, Edward G.                    

Kelly, Oliver Jr.                    

Klem, Albert                    

Knight, Rollie F.                    

Kuk, John Jr.                    

Kyle, James H. Jr                    

Krus, Mitchell F.                    

Krider, James F.                     

Movalchick, Chester                    

Koss, Anthony D. Jr.                    

Koller, Louis F.                    

Koklada, Theodore                    

Knowles, John                    

Kilburn, Sverett L.                    

Keiger, Herman L.                    

(Kenhill)+?, Delbert L.                    

(K????er), George E.                    

(Kellerman), Julius                    

Lietz, William J.                    

Lattie, Bennie D.                    

Lord, Sturgis A.                    

Lagssse, Roland                    

Lamarca, Pat A.                   

Lambert, Blake J. Sr.                    

LaPointe, Paul                    

Latawiec, Miles F.                    

Lee, Ben                    

Leachak, Thomas                    

Lessard, Richard J.                    

Lay, Roger V.                    

Linden, Harry P.                    

Lindsey, Eldridge E.                    

Long, Theodore A. Jr.                    

Longtin, Leo M.                    

Lougee, Robert W.                    

Lukacheck, Frank Jr.                    

Lundahl, Wilber C.                    

Lyakawa, Edwin Jr.                    

Lankford, John W.                    

Laroche, Raoul E.                    

Liberti, Bonjamino                    

Lincovich, Andrew                    

LoBello, Fred J.                    

Lockhart, Roger S.                    

Loria, Philip                      Ssgt. KIA                    

Loenard, William H.                    

Murphy,Arthur T.                    

Murphy, Thomas R.                  

Moorhead, RAymond R.                    

Montgomoery, Lester I.                    

Moore, leonard E.                    

Montaldo, Frank                    

Mock, Willie A.                    

Miller, Willeam H.                    

Miller, Lawrence J.                    

Miller, James H.                    

Metz,Carl S. Jr                    

Mello, George C.                    

McReynolds, Woodrow                    

McMillan, Edwin W.                    

McKenzie, Norman L.                    

McKinley, Ira                    

McGuire, Francis R.                    

McElyea, Atwood M.                    

McDermond,Walter S.                    

McDonald, Joseph G.             Pvt. KIA                    

Mc(Connesn)?, Willie A.                    

McCleary, Thomas                    

McAulay, Norman E                    

(Meaur,Leo)? M.                    

(Manar, Sidney I.)?                    

(Maner, Arthur Z.)?                    

(Martinanelli)?,Domenic D                    

Marshall, Dawson W.                    

Marsh, Harold O.                    

Marks, William P.                    

Markham, William M.                    

Mansfield, Lawrence E.                    

Manis, Albert A.                    

Mandel, Harold R.                    

Manetti, Vincent J.                    

MAllaney, Robert F.                    

Malberg, David G.                    

Malack,Leroy C.                    

Maksynchak, Peter                    

Maisel, Gustave                    

Magrosky, Henry                    

Maddox, Notlay G.                    

MacLeod, Josephy D.                    

Macken, John J.                    

Macdwall, John J.                    

Mackey, Alfred J.                    

Murley, Leon P.                    

Murawski, leonard J.                    

Mullen, Edward                    

Mullen, William E.                    

Mosier, Robert F.                    

Morrell, James                    

Morley, Gerald D.                    

Moreman, Percy J.                    

Napoli, Joseph M.                    

Nussbaum, Philip K.                    

Nappi, Benedetto L.                    

Newberry, Charles W.                    

Newman, Charles H.                    

Nichold, Raymond A.                    

Nickoley, Frederick W.                    

Noone,Walter P.                    

Nobel, Harold V.                    

Neitzel, Alfred B.            SSGT KIA 18th Nov.44 DSC                   

Niewodowski,Walter F.                    

Newsome, Phayon E.                    

New, Charles G.                    

Nelson, Harry L.                    

Martin, George E.                    

Mastropasque, Paolo                    

Mattichak, Steve                    

McDill, William F.                    

Mwade, Albert P.                    

Millard, Fred Jr.                    

Mitchell, Fred Jr.                    

Milstead, Ross E.                    

Moberly, Earl R.                    

Moeckel, George                    

Moore, Leroy                    

Murray, James F                    

Mulick, John J                    

Nelson, Artur C.                    

Mairrot, James E.                    

Narock, George H.                    

Nagode, John J.                    

Obramski, Alfred J.                    

Ostrowski, Alfred J.                    

Oglesby, James C.                    

O'Mara, David C.                    

Onechyk, Edward J.                    

Orlenski, Judson H.                    

Painter, Elvin D.                    

Painter, Cecil E.                    

Paxon, Clarence                    

Paxz, Fermin                    

Pedlar, John E.                    

Peoples, John A.                    

Pinnell, Morris                    

Proffitt, Bob                    

Purvis, William C.                    

Pristers, Joseph                    

Prather, Austin L.                    

Poydock, Artur J.                    

Powell, John J.                    

Poller, Harold D.                    

Peterson, Harry A.                    

Perkins, Richard E.                    

Perkins, John H.                    

Petras, Tony                    

Patek, David E.                    

Pelkey, Gerald D.                     

Peirce, James J.                    

Parsley, James A.                    

Parke, James                         (pos Joseph P.Parke DSC D-DAY)                  

Parks, James                    

Parker, Curdy, N.                    

Reep, Luther B.                    

Robinson, Louis J.                    

Rock, John                    

Rodondi, Dante                    

Ross, Joseph                    

Rothing, Wolfgang G.                    

Rotz,Wayne S.                    


Rutherford, Julius C.                         Friend of Ralph C. Carmichael             

Russo, Leonard A.                    

Radford, Arland G.                    

Reed, Edgar B                    

Reel, Casper E.                    

Reese, Cecil V.                    

Rerko, John                    

Reynolds, Herbert E.                    

Ridgway, William E.                    

Riddle, Arthur D. Jr.                    

Ripberger, William J.                    

Ritchie, George R.                    

Roberts, Oliver W.                    

Robertson, James N.                    

Robinson, Alton                    


Roettgar, Lester E                    

Rogowski, Frank R.                   

Romano, Peter                    

Rose, Charles W. Jr.                    

Rosinsky, Francis A.                   

Rothing, Wolfgang G.                    

Rowbotham, Roswell A.                    

Rowland, Robart C.                    

Ruggeri, William                    

Reasonover, J.C.                    

Reals, Donald D.                    

Raymond, Normand E.                    

Rusnak, Joseph K.                    

Russomanno, Louis M.                    

Reifsnyder, Robert P.                    

Surrow, Irvin E.                    

Sutter, William F. Jr.                    

Stevenson, Georger W.                    

Stepanick, Joseph E.                    

Spohn, Henry B.                    

Sorrells, Karl F.                    

Smith, Paul                    

Smith, Harold A. Jr.                   

Shovlin, William R.                    

Sepsey, Joseph Jr.                    

Seago, Edward J.                    

Sululters, Homer L.                    

Saling, Califford S.                    


Saydlowski, Eugene J.                    

Swaney, William                    

Stubler, Clarence                    

Stroscio, John                    

Strong, Emmett L.                    

Stockov, Harry L.                    

Seals, Daniel                    

Thomason, Joseph L.                    

Stewart, Mark H.                    

Sellers, Connie L.                    

Thurman, Albert W.                    

Stanakinas, Charles G.                    

Seabourne, Clint S.                    

Tighe, Henry L.                    

Stacy, Hinnie J.                    

Schoepflin, William R.                    

Toth, Louis                    

Spikes, James F.                    

Sciobeaux, Jerry H.                    

Traxiager, Albert A.                    

Splat, John M.                    

Schnaider, Albert H.                    

Truaux,Galen J.                    

Southhard,David V.                    


Tyminski,Frank S.                    

Sourbeer,Russel E.                    

Schall,Wilber I.                    

Urchishin,Peter M.                    

Uzzo,Joseph  M.           Pvt. KIA                    

Smith,Theodore F.                    

Sassaman,Charles D.                    


Smith, Donald D.                    

Sands, William H.                    

Slaon, Clinen                    

Sanford, Bee                    

Valickas, Joseph J.                    

Simon, John J.                    

Truman, Willis E.                    

Viviano, Ralph J.                    

Silipo, August                    


Vogel, J. L. Jr.                    

Siegrist, Charels L.                    

Tefft, Donald L.                    

Van Roo, Donald R.                    

Shelby,John D.                                         BFP to Officer                   

Tallentire, Thomas                    

Sheeker,Leslie O.                    

Thomas,Albert L.                    

Ullman, Leo J.                    

Seward, Loyd                    

Thomas, Thaaddeus J.                    

Wesler, Lincoln W.                    

Wekkend, Jeffie M.                    

Wright, Frank M                    

Wallace, Peter E.                    

Wheatly, Walter A.                    

Yglesias, Frank M.                    

Weisinger, Abraham                    

Yochum, Harvey E.                    

Woodbury,Roscoe K.                    

Yuhasz, Frank J.                    

Woolfrey, Larkin A.                    

Yusko, George                    

Zerfass, Raymond E.                    

Wilt, Guthrie C.                    

Zito, Domenick F.                    

(Wilson)?, Ray D.                    


Williams, John E.                    

Wieland, Roger E.                    

Widmaier, Robert W.                    

White, Chester M.                    

Wertzberger,Robert J.                     

Wenker, George T.                    

Weissenfluh, Adolf                    

Wallen, Estle   

This list will be upadated constantly as I find more information. If you are the relative of one of the men on this list or the Soldier himself please feel free to contact me! Use the Site Contact Form!

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