H Company 16th Infantry Big Red One

In Memory of Captain Anthony J Prahl and all the men who served with 
              H Company 16th Infantry, First Infantry Divison In WWII 




New Material Added D-Day 16th IR Journal Entries Here click

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Morning Report 6th June 1944 Thank you Professor John McManus! You helped solve a 69 year old mystery!

Updated KIA MIA List!

More H Co Photos with info coming soon!


New photo from Pvt. Cecil Painter Collection from his son:

" H Co Tailor"

A History Project Dedicated to my Grandfather an Infantry Officer who served with H and  I Co's of the 16th Infantry                                                                                                  Regiment in WW II

After many years of research and toil and triumph I have decided to publish a website showing the faces, names of the men of H company of the 16th Infantry Regiment.

     I have managed to contact, research and get to know Veterans, other researchers and Historians through the years, and  this site will have much of this research and correspondence I have accumulated.

     It has been a long and hard struggle but nothing compared to the lives of the men involved and what they had to go through in WW II. I am very thankful for the experience and what it has brought me.

     I discovered right away that something wasn't right that there just wasn't enough information about this unit and their actions in WW II I just had to find out why!

     I discovered on a research trip to the National Archives in Washington D.C. in 2005 that there was something wrong.

    In reading the entire S-3 report for the regiment that H Company was the only Company that the S-3 report for the end of the war read INCONCLUSIVE, meaning that there were no end war statistics for the Company.

    I was shocked and confused I had to try at least to research the unit thoroughly trough cross referencing all the information I could get my hands on to try to find out what really happened to these men in WW II, so began my Journey.

Above Photo of then 1st Lt. Anthony J Prahl taken in Nuremberg after the end of Hostilities.

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